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Top Shelf Hemp Products
for a fraction of the cost


Why should we buy from your store?


We don't have fancy marketing materials, or star athlete endorsements. We don't have a big sales staff or even fancy packaging. We DO have some of the best price points in the space - by a lot. Our goal is to deliver great products to our customers. The customers who shop with us know that they're getting a deal on the product. And while we don't have a huge team, we do offer fast shipping, great customer service and the best value you'll find.  


But we've tried products before that don't work for us. 


We have heard this a lot. Some products just aren't great quality, and some folks just haven't really felt much of a benefit from the expense hemp product they've purchased. We get it - it's frustrating to waste money. We want our customers to be happy and pay a fair price for hemp.


For example - we started selling Delta 8 THC products in packs of 10 and 20 gummies at 25mgs per gummy. We started hearing from customers that they loved the product and were taking a coupe at night to sleep, but that the price per unit was too high. We quickly responded with a bag of 50 gummies in both 25mg strength and 50 mg strength and have been able to  lower the prices substantially for folks who rely on this product daily. 

The bottom line is that we want you to like our products and our company. If you have suggestions, please email us. We love customer feedback.  It helps us get better as a company, it helps us understand what we need to improve on, and it helps us better meet your needs. 

On that note, we'll be offing a free sample pack to both new and old customers who'd like to give our products a try. We're adding a bag of 20 25mg HHC gummies to our store, along with a 20 pack of super full spectrum products that have 7.5 mgs of Delta 9 THC in each gummy (made from federally compliant hemp). These are both new and exciting products, and we want you to try them.

If you'd like to try these, you'll find a link in our store that will take you to a free order of these products. We'll include a sample pack of 4 D8 25 mg D8 gummies, a 4 pack of 25 mg HHC gummies, and a 4 pack of Super Full Spectrum gummies. 

As a thank you to all of our customers, we're LOWERING our prices and adding new products. Thank you for your loyalty, and for being such great customers!

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