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Delta 8 THC and CBD products


Why should I try a water soluble product?


Truly Mixes with Any Beverage.

Standard “CBD” tinctures are oil-based and do not mix properly with beverages. 


Full Absorption.

Our nanoliposome based product diffuses through cell membranes, offering much higher absorption rates than standard “CBD” tinctures.


Rapid Onset.

In addition to our product absorbing more completely than traditional tinctures, it is absorbed more rapidly not the body, taking less time to become active and speeding up the positive effects.


Better Value

Since each mg of water soluble CBD is absorbed faster and more efficiently, the same sized dose gives you a much greater effect vs.oil-based products. 


 What are the benefits of Nano-liposomal?


Long Lasting:

Our product suspends the Hemp Extract in a ‘nanoliposome'. Then a noliposome prevents CBD from degrading within the body, allowing the CBD to circulate in your bloodstream for longer periods of time. 



Because we use nanoliposomes, our product diffuses through cell membranes, allowing the cannabinoids to enter the cells in your body. This diffusion into the cell leads to a more profound effect from a smaller dose.



Because our formula is a nanoliposome, it is truly 100% water soluble. Companies that use “CBDIsolate” or “Nano-emulsions” - by definition - can not be Water Soluble. They are “water compatible,” which means they are loose molecules that are thermodynamically unstable.


Some people prefer our CBD in the morning with their coffee, some like it with their sports recovery drinks, and others like it as a wind down drink in the evening. Whatever time you prefer to take our water soluble CBD, we're confident that you'll enjoy it, and encourage you to share your thoughts and recipes on our social media pages.